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If you’re looking for a wedding dress that’s light, airy, elegant, yet chic, you have to check out Giorgia Couture, a wedding dress brand from Singapore. Having designed dresses for pop singers, TV celebrities, musical performers - and even our company Founder, Michelle for her own wedding - Giorgia Couture is a brand that you’ll need to know, especially if you’re thinking of having a destination wedding. Her dresses are easy to pack, light, comfortable, while still giving off that luxurious and elegant feel that brides dream of. We were lucky enough to catch the Founder of Giorgia Couture, Vienna Mei, for an exclusive interview to learn more about the new ‘it’ brand in town:

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Asia Wedding Network (AWN): “So let’s start from the beginning! When did you start Giorgia Couture and why?”

Founder, Vienna Mei (VM): “In 2015, I knew almost nothing about fashion design. Today, I am a bridal designer and the creative director of my bridal label. When people find out I used to be a piano teacher, they often ask “How did you do it?” Well, I think the musicianship skills and years in music college has helped me tremendously in who I am today. I was waiting to give birth when I started Giorgia Couture. I didn’t know what I could do beside teaching kids play piano. But I felt I need to make use of the opportunity to do something meaningful for myself. So one day, I turned my apartment into a showroom and got the first appointment. The client loved the dress and I closed the deal. Since then, bridal and couture became my biggest passion. I spent long hours learning all about fashion and design. I love it. I knew I want to start my own label and bring it international.”

AWN: “That’s so interesting that you went from music to fashion so effortlessly! So what exactly inspired you?"

VM: “Seeing brides love our wedding dresses and meeting clients who would share their bridal dress dreams inspire me every time!”

AWN: “There’s so many wedding dress brands in the world. How is Giorgia Couture different from other brands out there?”

VM: “I think our brides choose us because our dresses make them feel at ease! They did not understand the reason our dresses felt different until we explain the type of inner fabric used and the research done for those small details that made the huge differences. The comfort in the lightness of our dresses is a DNA our brides truly enjoy."

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AWN: “Yes, we definitely love the feel of the dress, they seem so effortless and comfortable on the brides! How would you describe the Giorgia Couture bride? And what makes a Giorgia Couture bride stand out?”

VM: “The Giorgia Couture bride truly knows what she wants. There’s a uniqueness in her character and lots of charisma in her personality. The Giorgia Couture bride is dressed with romantic and artistic elements. They may include one-of-a-kind Victorian and vintage-inspired laces, whimsical embroidery laces with tinges of blush and turquoise. Even musical laces!”

AWN: “We can totally see that! So what type of weddings would you say your dresses are most suitable for?”

VM: “I would say destination weddings or pre/post wedding photoshoot because our dresses are so compact too. It makes packing so easy. Our designs cater to all kinds of weddings, even ethnic ones. In Singapore, it is very common for inter-racial or cultural marriages. We have done many bespoke Indian and Muslim bridal dresses as well as modernized versions of the Cheongsam/Qipao.”

AWN: “That’s definitely very important. So what types of material does the Giorgia Couture brand use?”

VM: “As we are also a sustainable label, we use quite a lot of ‘half-vintage’ laces. With these laces, the original ivory colour might have faded into a creamy tinge because it was kept for more than 3 years. I can’t say they are vintage laces yet because the term ‘vintage’ usually refers to 10 years or more. Some trims used on the sleeves or the trains are also deadstock laces. Otherwise, our laces are imported from South Korea, Taiwan, China and Italy which mostly consist of beaded embroideries and the luxurious French Chantilly.”

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Giorgia Coutur Asia Wedding Network Founder dress 1

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AWN: “We’re also a big fan of French Chantilly here! Given such wonderful materials used, what are the price ranges of your dresses?”

VM: “Brides who would like their dream bridal dress customize to the finest details can choose the Full Bespoke Package. This is one of the most popular choices amongst our clients as they enjoy the freedom to personalize every aspects of their bridal look. With prices starting from only $3500 USD, this option includes a made-to-measure customized dress, 30 min session with one of our top bridal/fashion stylists to advise on the actual day looks. All accessories, headpiece and veils to match their dress are inclusive in the package. Brides who prefer to go fuss-free could go for our ready-to-wear collection at $1500 USD. This collection includes a wide selection of Italian Silk Crepe Satin bridal dresses with made-to measure options. Alternatively, Giorgia Couture’s Signature and Elysian Collection starts from $2200 USD for rent or $2800 USD for purchase. Our evening dress collection ‘Galaxy’ starts from $980 USD for rent.”

AWN: “Very reasonable for sure! And where can our brides find your dresses throughout the world?”

VM: “Currently, we are only stocked in Singapore but brides from other countries can purchase our dresses online through our official website: www.giorgiacouture.com/shop .We just came back from London Bridal Week and will announce many new stockists in the UK, HK, Taiwan, and some middle Eastern cities including Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon at the later part of 2019. We also plan to expand to Australia, the US and China in 2020.”

AWN: “So in terms of their planning, how long before their wedding should brides start looking for a Giorgia Couture dress?"

VM: “At least 6 months in advance would be most ideal.”

AWN: “In addition to your collection line, how do you go about bespoke dresses and tailor made options?”

VM: “We are about to streamline and systemize the bespoke process online to give brides more confidence in customizing their dream wedding dress. Nowadays, it is all about personal style and taste.”

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Giorgia Coutur wedding 9

AWN: “Wow, we can’t wait for that! How will the process look?”

VM: “Bride should have a brief idea on their style. One of the main reason brides go for the bespoke option is because they couldn’t find what they like in the Ready-to-Wear market. But they could be stuck because of being unfamiliar with customization process or are worried about the outcomes. In some cases, the cost of bespoke is also very high due to the amount of time and work required throughout the process. One of our missions in Giorgia Couture is to make this customization process as simple and fuss- free as possible. Brides who are not in Singapore can still contact us directly and we will guide them throughout the process.”

AWN: “That’s so cool! Since we know brides will obsess over your dresses, do you sell veils or other accessories as well?”

VM: “Oh yes! we are also about to launch our Accessories Collection coming Fall 2019. For veils, Giorgia Couture brides are entitled to a ‘complete my bridal look’ option with a matching or customized veil. For couture bridal clients, styling, together with the veil are all inclusive.”

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AWN: “That’s so exciting! Besides our company Founder Michelle, of course, which celebrities or prominent people have worn your dresses previously?”

VM: “We have dressed pop singers and tv celebrities to instrumental soloists who performed with the top orchestras in Europe.

AWN: “Last question! What is your favourite thing about being a wedding dress designer and what is your vision for Giorgia Couture and its future?"

VM: “During our first trunkshow in Singapore, I had the privilege to address a group of engaged couples during my welcome speech. I took the opportunity to mention how the wedding is only the start and the happiness in the marriage is what truly matters. Being married for 10 years, I shared my experience as a wife and mother. I start to feel my social responsibility as a bridal designer to remind our brides to celebrate their romance. It is the foundation and what truly matters. My vision for Giorgia Couture lies in the Giorgia Couture bride. I envision our brides to have strength in them to overcome challenges in their marriage, stay committed to their wedding vow and live happily ever after!”